Malta new ECO (environment) tax for accommodation


From 1st June 2016, anyone staying in a school or hotel accommodation is required to pay the following tax, per person, per night:


€0.50c (50 cents) per night up to a maximum of €5.00
Please take a look at the chart below to help you understand more easily.


# nights pptotal € # nights pptotal €
1 night €0.50   6 nights €3.00
2 nights €1.00   7 nights €3.50
3 nights €1.50   8 nights €4.00
4 nights €2.00   9 nights €4.50
5 nights €2.50   10+ nights €5.00


All agents, schools and hotels are required to pay this tax to the government. Many agents will be contacting their old clients to pay this tax during July and August, even for clients who already finished their holiday in Malta.
Therefore we ask you to think well before you accept to pay this tax to your agent or hotel reception and only pay if:


1) the amount asked is according to the table above
2) your stay in Malta was after 1st June 2016
3) Even if you are staying many months, the maximum fee should be €5.00 (around 600 yen) is very happy to announce that it will not be requesting past students to pay this tax, so please don't worry about it. Also, we will not be charging this tax to students who book with us for 8 weeks and over. Once again, Malta Study is helping and promoting Malta to all of it's clients with the cheapest prices you can find. Our passion is to help all our clients to have an amazing stay in Malta, and this is possible by being close to you during your stay in Malta.


For more information about this tax, please click the official document or visit the Malta Tourism Authority website.

Eco Tax