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  • Maltastudy is a small agency with a big heart. Our goal is to provide the best service and customer care to all our clients who visit Malta. Instead of talking about a big and fancy office, we invest everything in the most important aspect of this business - our customers ! By being situated in Malta, maltastudy has come up with a motto which perfectly describes what we do :

    Friendly : Even though formalities are very important in a business, the maltastudy team has readjusted the way we conduct business with you. In Maltastudy, we understand that all our clients are travelling very far to come to a new place, most of the time alone. Our goal is to welcome you in Malta, make you feel comfortable and at home in a foreign country and truly feel our friendliness. Our satisfaction comes from seeing our clients happy, and we make sure that you have an unforgettable experience in Malta.

    Passionate : Our team is dedicated in giving you a fast and accurate service with the latest updates, news and special offers for all of you to further enjoy your experience in Malta! Our dedication in the marketing strategy is to provide you with the necessary tools and information to make you feel our passion in what we do! Whether you are navigating in our easy to use homepage, simply searching for a service or information, or checking our interesting social media content, we make sure to transmit our team’s energy to our client.

    Local : Maltastudy’s most special point is where all other agents stop to deliver. The fact that we are based in Malta, we make sure that from the moment you land in Malta, until your very last day on the island, you get fast, reliable and the most efficient service possible. Most students who book through other agents have problems and difficulties in contacting their agent because of various reasons. Maltastudy has no excuses ; we are there for you, and ready to assist you and support you immediately.

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  • Christian Grech <Malta-Study owner>

    Maltese nationality male. Graduated in Accounting. Christian’s hobbies are sports, travel and reading. During his 20’s (back in 2005), Christian met a group of Japanese students outside the office and became friends with them. At the same time, Christian got more interested in the Japanese language and started studying and reading about Japan’s culture, history, traditions as well as the language. Over the months and years, Christian started helping out Japanese students during their stay in Malta, such as assisting them and supporting them when they needed help. Seeing his friends happy, Christian did this as a hobby, not as a business. One day, one Japanese person praised Christian’s work and suggested to set up an agency. This is how Malta-Study was born. However, Christian didn’t want to turn the agency into a profit making company, so his goal was to set up an agency free from commission. By providing the same (or better ) rates as the schools, Christian’s aim is to help students with all types of budget enjoy and experience an amazing stay in Malta. After the company was officially formed in 2010, Christian visited Japan several times in order to get a better understanding of how Japanese society works, understand the differences between Malta and Japan and try and create a smooth transition for the client between the two cultures.

    Christian Grech

  • Company History :
  • December 2015 | Malta-study.com new website launched
    February 2015 | Malta-study.eu domain was launched
    October 2010 | Malta-study.com domain was registered

    Official name : Malta Study
    Business content : *counselling in Malta
    *admission procedure on behalf of the language school
    *introductory counselling
    *arrangement of homestay, apartment and school
    *arrangement of airport transfers
    *support via email for all students
    Owner Name : Christian Grech
    Location : L'Arch 18, Triq Salvu Bonanno, San Gwann SGN 1532, MALTA
    Official site : http://www.malta-study.com
    VAT Number : MT21246633

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