Dining in Malta


Maltese people love going out for dinner, so restaurants are very popular in Malta. We can find many type of restaurants and take away food shops almost everywhere especially in the tourist locations such as Sliema and St. Julians.


🍴 Italian restaurants: 🍴

The most popular type of restaurant since Malta is very close to Italy. You can find pizzerias serving pizza, pasta or meat. Very popular for all age groups and any occasion. These restaurants can be found in Sliema, St. Julians, Valletta as well as more local places.

Italian Food 1 Italian Food 2

🍴 Maltese food: 🍴

Usually Maltese food is best when home-made, however you can still find Maltese restaurants in the tourist area. The most popular Maltese food dishes are rabbit with spaghetti, or rabbit stew, also chicken “braggjoli” (chicken with ham, cheese and hard boiled eggs ) are popular Maltese dishes. In the tourist area, Maltese restaurants are ideal for dating between or 2-3 friends whilst in more local areas such as Mgarr it’s popular to be in a bigger group, where the atmosphere is more casual and friendly.

Maltese Food 1 Maltese Food 2

Maltese Food 3 Maltese Food 4

🍴 Fish restaurants: 🍴

Malta is a small island, and in Malta there are lots of fish restaurants with good price and very good taste! While you can find fish restaurants in the touristic location such as Sliema and St. Julians, we recommend to go to Marsaxlokk which is the “fishermen” village in Malta and you can find lots of fish restaurants next to each other as well as a nice sightseeing spot. Ideal for romantic nights or as a nice lunch with friends.

Fish 1 Fish 2

🍴 Japanese restaurants: 🍴

Japanese restaurants also exist in Malta. With sushi getting more and more popular in Europe, the Maltese also love enjoying sushi occasionally. There are many sushi take away shops nowadays, however there are some very good sushi restaurants in Malta!

Japanese Food 1 Japanese Food 2

🍴 Asian restaurants: 🍴

Asian restaurants also exist and can be found throughout Sliema and St. Julians. They range from Chinese restaurants, Indian restaurants, Thai, Malaysian as well as fusion restaurants, which mean they are mixed cuisines and enjoy mixing all these type of food together. These restaurants are a bit more expensive than Italian restaurants due to the fact that some food might be important and the staff might be foreigner (not Maltese).

Asian Food 1 Asian Food 2

🍴 Other European and American restaurants: 🍴

You can find other European restaurants throughout Sliema and St. Julians and these are French, Spanish, Mexican and other cuisines. Mdina is also a good place to check out if you would like to try European and Arabic restaurants.

Other Food 1 Other Food 2

Other Food 3 Other Food 4

🍴 Take aways: 🍴

If you are in a hurry and need a snack or a cheaper lunch, then we recommend you buy a quick lunch from take away service. Food is cheaper, still good and these shops can be found anywhere.

Pastizzi shop is the Maltese traditional hot snack. You can get hot cheese snack called pastizzi, or sausage rolls or deep fried pizza for less than €1 ! Very high calorie but recommended to try !

Maltese Cheesecake 1 Maltese Cheesecake 2

Turkish shops can be recognized by seeing a big roll of meat, usually chicken or lamb which is being cooked by a big burner. You can buy a kebab or a set with fries and take away. Sometimes larger shops have some tables where you can sit down and eat.

Turkish Food 1 Turkish Food 2

Pizza take aways. These take aways are becoming very popular and you can buy one slice of pizza or a full pizza and take away in a box. Full pizzas cost around €7

Pizza 1 Pizza 2

Cafes and gelaterias. These cafeterias range from only coffee/drinking experience to even food. Larger cafes can also order food and dessert. These cafeterias can be found alongside the seaside in Sliema and also popular in St. Julians and local towns.

Cafe 1 Cafe 2

Fast Food. In Malta, you can find popular fast food brands such as McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and Subway and they are located in the main parts of Sliema, St. Julians, Gzira, as well as the airport.

Fast Food 1 Fast Food 2