Is Malta safe?


  • Safety in Malta
  • One of the key factors which one should take into consideration when travelling to another country, apart from the beautiful sightseeing places, the traditional food and luxurious shopping malls, is safety. Safety is of utmost importance! Travelling and knowing that a country is not so safe, will automatically make us feel more nervous and as a result of that, be on the edge and enjoy less.

    Some countries are safe. Some countries are less safe than others However, there is no such thing as a guaranteed, smooth and flawless journey. Incidents and accidents are bound to happen, anytime, anywhere. Sometimes we cannot avoid this fact. We can, instead, try to mitigate risks and the possibility of an accident by choosing a ‘safer’ country to travel to. Malta is one of the safest countries in Europe and in the whole world for that matter. The low rate of crime in Malta puts this island at an advantage when compared to other countries who offer English Language opportunities for students such as the UK, USA, Canada, Cape Town, Australia, and the Philippines.

  • What makes Malta safe?
  • As explained before, there is no such thing as a perfectly safe place in this world. Unfortunately, incidents, accidents and sickness can occur to anyone anytime. However, compared to other countries, we can say that Malta is very safe, with a lower probability of crime, less chances of a disease, and with virtually almost zero occurrences of natural disasters and terrorist attacks. These facts contribute towards a safer, more enjoyable tourist destination for sightseeing and studying abroad experience alike.

    Examples of safe places and in Malta and scenarios which one should avoid.

    *What should I take with me during my stay in Malta?
    *Is it safe to carry a camera?
    *Will I get pickpocketed in Malta?
    *Will I get kidnapped?

    The possibility of any of the above occurring is very unlikely, as long as you follow these useful tips.

    1. Never leave anything unattended. If you are at a bar, in a restaurant, and even at your own school dorm, never leave valuable things unattended. If you need to go to the bathroom while in a restaurant or club, take the wallet and phone with you. If you are in your school dorm, lock away money and passport in your suitcase. Please remember, that most probably, the people around you will be complete strangers and it would be wise to be cautious.

    2. Avoid Paceville area and pitch black areas late at night. If you ever visited Malta, you would notice that children stay out to play in parks until late at night (after midnight) especially in summer. Teenagers and girls walk back home on their own after midnight. Parents send their children to the nearest grocery store to buy small things. This is how safe Malta is. However, the main nightlife area is not as safe as the rest of the country. Paceville is a small area, situated in the heart of St. Julians, which is the main tourist location in Malta. In there, one can find tens of bars, pubs and night clubs. It goes without saying that the presence of alcohol and illegal drugs might be present. One can still enjoy a drink with his friends safely. Our advise is : If you’re going to Paceville late at night, don’t bring excess cash and extra valuable things. Always drink responsibly. If you happen to witness an argument, stay away from the fight, at all costs. Don’t experiment when offered illegal substances and definitely avoid dark alleys late at night.

    With these tips in mind, anyone can enjoy sightseeing and have fun in Malta without too many worries.

    We advise anyone who travels to cover themselves with some sort of insurance. For students who are thinking to come to Malta to study English, there is an insurance which is specifically made for students studying English abroad. We definitely recommend you to cover yourself with this insurance because it has good coverage and it’s very affordable. Moreover, insurance coverage is a requirement for non European students staying over than 90 days. For more information regarding health & travel insurance in Malta, please click here.