Sightseeing in Malta


In this corner, we have put together a sightseeing section with some of the most recommended sightseeing places to visit while staying in the beautiful islands of Malta and Gozo.

Whether you would like to come to Malta to study English alone, or just for leisure and to relax with your family and friends, make sure to allocate time to do sightseeing in Malta.

Splash your way in the perfect crystal clear waters of Comino in the morning, immerse yourself in ancient historical cities, witness the remains of the oldest temples in the world in the afternoon and party all night in the vibrant and buzzing nightclub area is just a tiny taste of what Malta has to offer!
So whatever the reason and season you’re visiting Malta, there is always something fun and interesting to do!

For this reason, Malta Study recommends anyone who visits the Maltese islands to check out some of the places featured below while staying in Malta.

Malta has officially three sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list making the Maltese islands one of the most historic concentrated areas in the World.

The three UNESCO sites are the Megalithic temples, the Hypogeum and the city of Valletta (Malta’s capital city). Please click on a picture below to see more information and photos about Malta’s recommended sightseeing places.