Malta booking process flow

Step 1 Contact us
Contacting us is absolutely free of charge. If you have any plans to study English in Malta, all you need to do is contact us and we will help you with the following:
  • Request and availability of schools
  • Creating a tailor made study plan for you
  • Provide you with estimates and quotations suited to your budget and request
  • Any other advice relating to either staying in Malta or the schools



Step 2 Counseling and Support
Studying in another country requires both mental and physical preparations. Any queries, questions and fear you might have might make you a bit insecure about leaving your country. We will make sure to answer your questions, and help you should you need to clarify some things before your departure. Being situated locally in Malta, we can give certain unique tips and advice which you cannot obtain from any guidebook or website.



Step 3 Confirm application - booking
After the study plan has been confirmed, kindly fill in Malta Study’s application form with your study plan details as well as a copy of the flight ticket and copy of passport. Your details will be safely kept in our databases and only shared with the relevant parties. At this point, depending on the school, we might send you a placement test which you would need to fill in to determine your English level.
P.S At this stage, it is assumed that your flight tickets and travel&health insurance are also ready.
The booking form can be accessed by clicking here. Please make sure to enable cookies while using the booking form for a smoother experience. Please note, that submitting the booking form, will make you accept Malta terms&conditions which may be subject to fees in the eventuality of any cancellations or last minute changes.



Step 4 Payment
As soon as we receive your booking form details, we will place a booking with the school. Once school confirms the booking, we will issue an invoice in PDF format which we kindly ask you to settle to our bank account within 10 banking days (on normal circumstances). Late bookings have different terms and might be subject to late fees.
Invoice will be in Euro € currency. For those in the SEPA zone, kindly select “share costs” when remitting funds via internet banking, that way you will not be charged an intermediary fee. For those who are not in the SEPA zone, your invoice will include a €45 intermediary fee on top of the invoice. Malta bills it’s clients in the Euro currency in a transparent way, and doesn’t make money through foreign exchange exploits.



Step 5 Letter of Acceptance and other documentation
Upon receipt of funds, we will issue the school’s letter of acceptance which will be proof of your payment and your attendance in an English Language school in Malta together with any other relevant material such as host family or residence information.



Step 6 Travel&Health insurance and Flight details
Unless you are already in Malta, this is the perfect time to confirm your flight details and prepare for any necessary things for your stay in Malta such as things to bring and VISA preparations (if you are staying for more than 90 days)



Step 7 Final confirmation (before departure)
Kindly review your flight tickets (for any last minute changes), insurance documents and school letters which should be all ready, printed and ready to bring with you. Kindly keep these documents with you in your hand luggage and easily accessible at any time as immigration control at the airport might ask for these documents. At this point, you should be set up and ready for your unforgettable experience in Malta!
P.S Please notify us in case of sudden changes in flight details so that we will be able to contact your host family, school and taxi about your new arrival details.



Step 8 During your study period in Malta
During your stay in Malta, feel free to contact us via email should you require any support or assistance. This service is absolutely free of charge!
Please note, that Malta also offers paid services, which, even not compulsory, are recommended to those who wish personal assistance and support. A list of these services can be found by clicking here.