How to obtain a tourist VISA in Malta

What are the required documents and procedures to obtain a student VISA in Malta?

Before you read any further, kindly make sure you are familiar with Tourist and Student VISA in Malta by reading this article.
To obtain a student VISA in Malta, kindly approach school administration and ask them to set an appointment with FELTOM (the Federation of English Learning Teachers of Malta).
An appointment should be set (usually within a week or two). On the day of the appointment, kindly go to FELTOM office in Ta’ Xbiex and provide the following documentation.

  • VISA invitation letter: Make sure that the school you will be studying in, issues a letter of invitation stating your name, passport number and the reason why you are coming to Malta. This is one of the required documents you need to provide to FELTOM.

  • School acceptance letter: The school acceptance letter is the letter your agent or the school gives you, which is proof that the student paid in full for the course. It usually contains the stamp and the signature of an official signatory of the school. This document should also contain :
    • Invoice number
    • Details of tuition in Malta
    • Accommodation details (should the student stay at a school residence, details of the accommodation will be given)

  • Bank Statement: This is a statement giving proof that you have enough funds to live during your stay in Malta. The bank statement would be considered valid when it has the following:
    • Bank statement to be on the name of the student staying in Malta.
    • Balance shown in Euro or equivalent to €25 per day if the student has accommodation already booked with school, or €48 per day if the student doesn’t have accommodation arrangements yet. This means, that if a student is staying for 15 weeks, the bank statement should have a balance of at least €2,625 (15 weeks x 7 days x €25/day)
      • In the case student didn’t pay accommodation yet, the student must provide an original copy of lease agreement.

  • Health and Travel insurance: A valid health and travel insurance covering all your stay in Malta is required. This insurance needs to have the following:
    • Amounts in Euro (or equivalent)
    • Clearly stating it covers inpatient and outpatient hospital expenses.
    • Dates should cover both travel dates.
    You can purchase the recommended health&travel insurance by FELTOM (the organisation which processes the documents for student VISA in Malta) directly from Malta More information about this travel insurance can be found by clicking here.

  • Original and Copy of passport : Kindly provide printed copies of ALL pages of passport (even empty ones). It goes without saying, however the passport must:
    • Be on the student’s name
    • Valid for at least 6 months after the end of intended stay in Malta

  • Fill in 2 official government forms called:
    • Form N
    • Form 1D - 1A

Fees: Kindly note that the following are the fees which one requires to pay as part of the VISA procedure in Malta:

  • Government fee: €27.50
  • Administration fee (to FELTOM): €6.00

Once you submit the documentation and pay the fees, a photo of you will be taken (to be used on your ID card) so make sure you go well presented and groomed.
You will then be given a receipt, and a second appointment will be set up for you, (usually a week later) to collect a blue paper serving as a proof that your Maltese ID card is being processed.

The ID card may take up to 8 weeks to be ready, so make sure you don’t commit yourself to any travel after your initial 90 days in the Schengen area. For more information about travelling, please contact us by clicking here.

Once your ID card is ready, a letter will be sent to your residence, requesting you to pick up your ID card.
Congratulations! You now have permission to reside in Malta legally during your studies!

As one can notice, the process requires some documentation, however Malta can support you with this paperwork. All Malta clients can benefit from the following:

  • Obtain a VISA invitation letter and a school acceptance letter.
  • Set up an appointment with FELTOM (through school).
  • Support with filling in the forms.
  • Procurement of insurance.
  • Any printing required (passport or bank statement)
  • Make sure you have all the necessary documentation to get a hassle free, smooth process.
  • Provide transport to FELTOM office directly.