What is the difference between Tourist and Student VISA in Malta?

Malta is gaining popularity as an English Language study abroad country and every year more foreigners are choosing Malta as their study abroad destination. The main reason to study abroad in Malta are the wonderful warm weather all year round,the low cost of living, the safety of the country, the beautiful UNESCO world heritage sites as well as the fact that one of Malta’s official languages is English.

There appears to be little information about student VISA in Malta though and many students are having tough times to gather all the documents and get all the information regarding their stay in Malta.
Luckily, Malta Study.com, will take care of all your student VISA paperwork and will assist and support all those students who require obtaining a permission in Malta throughout their studies.

Depending on the origin of your country as well as the length of your stay, you might require to obtain a student VISA. Kindly read below to understand the difference between a tourist and a student VISA in Malta and how to obtain it.

The following section applies to non EU residents who are interested in studying English in Malta, travel in Europe and sight-see in Malta.

  • Tourist VISA
  • By default, any tourist legally entering Malta, can stay up to 90 days without going through any procedures at all. This means, that a non European student, who is interested to study English in Malta, can stay in Europe for 90 days without any special permission or VISA documentation.
    Malta is part of the Schengen zone, and non European students can either visit Malta as a holiday, to study English or travel in Europe within these 90 days.
    Please note, that as per new regulations in November 2015, one would qualify for the full 90 days if the traveler, hasn’t been in the Schengen area for the past 180 days.

    For example, if a tourist from Brazil was in Germany for 10 days in January and went back to Brazil, then went on holiday for 10 days in Italy in February and went back to Brazil again, it means that the tourist spent 20 days in the Schengen zone in the span of 180 days.
    Should the Brazilian traveller decide to come to Malta, he or she has a maximum of (90-20days=) 70 days that he or she can spend in Malta.
    If the student would like to stay in Malta for 90 days, he or she should wait 180 days for their tourist VISA to reset and then come to Malta or else follow the TRP procedure (please look at the Student VISA section below).

  • Student VISA
  • Non European students who would like to spend more than 90 days in Schengen while studying English in Malta, would need to apply for the TRP and follow a process which usually takes around 10 weeks in total. The final goal of this application is to obtain a valid Maltese ID and serving as a permission to stay in Malta for the duration of your studies and stay in Malta.
    Please note that this ID card is a document which gives the user permission to stay in Malta as an English language student and this document shouldn’t be abused in any way. A student’s primary reason to be in Malta should be to study English. This goes without saying that any students not attending regular classes will be reported to FELTOM (the Federation of English Learning Teachers of Malta) and their VISA might be terminated.

    To read more about the documentation required to obtain a student VISA in Malta, kindly click here.

    In order to view the full TRP-Procedure document, please click here.