English Language Schools in Malta


Malta is an excellent destination for studying English abroad for various reasons. The low cost of living, the beautiful weather, the amazing sightseeing places and UNESCO sites, make this English speaking country the ideal choice for studying English abroad. With more than 40 English Language schools, please rest assured that you can find the perfect school for you!
Whether you are planning a short summer vacation and would like to make international friends while studying English; or just finished University and would like to brush up your Business English before delving in your new career path; or taking a gap year from school in order to dedicate to study English on a long term course, Malta Study.com will help you choose the right school for you!

We teamed up with the best schools, each having their ‘unique’ characteristics and we’ll help you choose the right plan for you, whether just staying for a week or as long as 48 weeks, Malta Study.com will take care of all your paperwork, coordinate your accomomdation, taxi and tuition schedule while offering the same prices as the schools!





Location guide

※ St. Julians ... main nightlife area, tourist location
※ Sliema ... easy access to buses and ferry, lots of shops and cafeterias
※ Gzira ... more on the residential side, less busier and a 20 minute walk away from Sliema


Timings for booking your English study abroad course with Malta Study.com

For anyone who is interested to book his or her English study course package in Malta, we recommend to start the booking process as follows:

* at least 3 months if you intend to come during off season and
* 5 months before if you plan to visit in summer.
This will give increase the possibility of booking the desired course, with the desired timetable schedule and the desired type of accommodation.


Depending on the school chosen, one can attend either morning or afternoon classes.
Generally, morning classes are held for general English lessons, however during peak seasons, you might be required to attend afternoon classes, depending on how busy the school is at the moment.
Malta Study.com will do it’s best to negotiate your desired schedule with the English language school, however we cannot guarantee the final outcome.


Placement test
Most of the schools require the student to complete an online test prior to his or her arrival in Malta. We kindly stress the importance of completing the online test at your earliest convenience in order to be assessed and assigned to your desired class schedule. This would avoid any disappointments which might occur.
Students who don’t complete their placement test before their arrival in Malta, would need to sit for the test on their first day of school, hence missing their first day of lessons.
Please note that some schools do the placement test on the first day. Your agent will guide you and support you throughout the booking process.

Late Bookings
Malta Study.com takes pride in its fast and efficient service thanks to our good relationship with the schools and we are confident enough that we will be able to assist and manage your booking even during short notices should you decide a last minute study abroad experience in Malta!
Late booking fees come with a charge for the following reasons:

  • We ourselves incur a late fee charge from the school itself.
  • We would need to treat your booking very urgently in order not manage your paperwork in time!
The late booking fee varies depending on when you place your booking and is calculated as follows:

> Four weeks before arrival in Malta : €150
> Three weeks before arrival in Malta : €200
> Two weeks before arrival in Malta : €250
> One week before your arrival in Malta : €300

Having said that, Malta Study.com cannot be held liable or responsible should course or accommodation requested are not available as a result of late booking.

The late fee will be charged only if booking was successful from Malta Study.com’s side.
No fee will be charged in the eventuality that the booking is not successful.