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  • School Overview
  • One of the highly recommended, good quality English learning schools, ESE is situated on the doorstep of Paceville, the main entertainment area in Malta. Categorized as one of the biggest schools in Malta, ESE is the only private school accredited by EAQUALS and is equipped with very modern classes and offers almost any course which you require. Ideal for students who would like to experience a big school with good prices!


    ESE’s strong points:

    • A very well structured AYC
    • Big, modern school
    • Central location, 24 hr reception

    Recommended to:

    • * students in the 26~28 year range
    • * would like a tailored, 6 month course
    • * students who would like to sit for exams


    Basic Information (+)
    Average school size
    Average age
    School certificate
    Class size
    School size
    :600 pax
    :26~28 years
    :at least 80% attendance
    :12 pax max
    :St Julian's
    School Amenities (+)


    Free WIFI at school
    Free Sim card
    Progress level test



    Learning Facilities

    Study room

    Other Facilities

    Meeting hall


    Welcome party
    Free activities
    Paid activities

    Exam preparation courses


    Placement test

    Done before first day of school (or during first day of school)
    School opening hours and holidays (+)

    Opening hours:
    AM8:30 - PM6:30 (24 hour reception)


    The school will be closed on the following days in 2016

    January 1 July  
    February 2 August 15
    March 19, 25, 31 September 8, 21
    April   October  
    May 1 November  
    June 7, 29 December 8, 13, 25

    ※Should a public holiday fall during a weekday, extra lessons will be held throughout the week to make up for the lost lessons (except for Christmas holiday)


  • 2016 Sample Quotations
  • Course #Weeks Accommodation Type Total Price
    General 20 4 weeks Shared Apartment €1,325
    General 30 4 weeks Shared Apartment €1,725
    General 20 8 weeks Host Family Twin €2,445
    General 20 12 weeks Shared Apartment €3,225


    *Prices are based on lowest season; supplements for a higher season may apply. Kindly check the detailed price list for more information.

    *Prices include tuition and accommodation, registration fee and first textbook only. Doesn’t include accommodation deposit and taxi transport.



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